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&running late, as usual

Dearest C,

I wanted to do something extra-special for your birthday, but as usual, I'm running late. As far as writing fic goes, the only thing that's in my head is an idea for a god-awful Hanson/Mary Sue, and, well. I don't think you'd appreciate that at all.

You were really one of the first people in fandom I interacted with, and chatting to you gave me a different perspective on things. I really admire you for being yourself. There should be more of that, I think.

As regards your present, as much as I hate to say it, you may just have to wait until November, when I fully plan to show up on your doorstep clutching a packet of timtams and a suitcase. ♥ [oh, and bringing a certain person with me too].

I hope your day is wonderful and you get a break. Know that I'm always here, and I don't expect anything from you, except you.

Love always,
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